Do you compete against yourself?

Competing against yourself

When someone is being competitive they’re often regarded as having heightened levels of motivation, so fuelling their desire to improve, stretch themselves and elevate their game. At certain times many of us may feel prompted to move out of our comfort zones, challenge ourselves, prove to both ourselves and to others that we’re prepared to […]

Should your staff also be your friends?

Friendly office team

There should be a big difference between our friends and the people with whom we’re friendly, but many of us struggle to make the distinction. We may refer to everyone in our circle as friends, but all too often if we don’t see them or they fall off our radar we hardly notice or query […]

Why are you so tired all the time?

Tired worker at desk

Many people complain of feeling tired all the time, with as many as 90% of adults saying that they don’t get enough sleep. But feeling tired isn’t just about the hours spent asleep. Quality of sleep is also a significant factor is how well rested and healthy a person feels. Let’s consider some reasons as […]

A new year, with new business goals?

Calendar image

Many businesses have had to face some serious lessons throughout the last eighteen months or so, often being forced to rethink their strategies in some detail. Quite a few of those valuable lessons anticipate being carried forward into 2022, and whilst some will have been tough to learn, often they’ve involved a process of reflection […]

What does success look like to you?

Many of us regard academic results and earning potential as important markers and measures of success but they’re only part of a many-faceted picture. In reality, success has many faces. So many of us are influenced and guided by other people’s hopes, dreams and aspirations, encouraging us to follow their goal of what success looks […]

When it’s time to return to work

Many of us have seen first-hand how quickly our children have become disenchanted with getting up and dressed for school each day, how demotivated they’ve become about learning and education. But that loss of engagement has not only happened to children during the global pandemic. Working from home, hardly bothering to get washed or dressed […]

Who looks after you?

Are you one of those people who everyone turns to in a crisis? You’re calm, confident, together and never seem to flap under pressure. People trust that when they turn to you for answers, you’ll be there for them, ready to help, able to find solutions to problems, all the while providing reassurance and comfort. […]

When will I see you again?

Many people have expressed their distress at not being able to see close family and friends during the global pandemic and, indeed, this lack of contact has caused serious emotional and mental hardship to many people. Students missing being able to return home to visit family, grandparents not seeing their newly born grandchildren are just […]

When you need to take a break

These past few months have been an exhausting, emotionally draining time for many of us. Whether we’re working longer hours, worried because we’re not working, uncertain about the future, staying indoors with fractious children or a partner, concerned about elderly relatives, no-one’s had it easy. The amount of tolerance and forbearance required, the mental agility […]

Moving forward from redundancy

Some of us may remember the concept of a job for life, where you worked for a large blue-chip company or solid family business and received opportunities for training, promotion, travel and even relocation, leaving only due to personal choice or circumstance. Today this is a somewhat alien concept, with many people changing their jobs […]