The ever-increasing threat of cybercrime, and how to keep your business safe

Cyber hacking

In a world in which technology is at the forefront of almost everything we do, many do not understand the threat cybercrime poses on their business, regardless of their size. There is a common misconception amongst many small-medium sized businesses that they are not at risk of being attacked and that it is only multinationals […]

Taking a Nybble out of IT business support

Ram Gupta, MD, Nybble

Business Connect Magazine were very keen to meet with Ram Gupta, Managing Director of Nybble, which has seen successful growth over the years in the IT and AV sectors. Ram – your business name is very memorable – does it have a specific meaning? “Nybble is actually half a byte, which is a basic unit […]

It’s all change at Microsoft!

Microsoft 365 Image

Navigate the new pricing and don’t get left out! From early January there have been some major changes with Microsoft pricing, directly affecting your 365 licences. It’s important to understand these changes and to mitigate the price rises and maintain flexibility. Microsoft have now introduced a new pricing model across their Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider […]