Magic meets Technology – how to be a LinkedIn Wizard (and why it’s important)

Ian Frost, LinkedIn Wizard, Vancula

If you’re reading this article, then you’ve heard of LinkedIn. Many people think that LinkedIn is just a business-based social media platform. But you couldn’t be more wrong! I like to consider myself a straight-talking Northern bloke, but I swear that LinkedIn is magic when used properly, and (with over 30 years of experience in […]

Telesales isn’t working anymore – get selling on LinkedIn

‘Digital’ has changed the way we communicate. The past 15 years have seen a complete turnaround in how we distribute our message to our target audience. Telesales used to be a stalwart option of a channel to sell but picking up the ‘phone is now perceived negatively by many of us. (When was the last […]

You’re on LinkedIn, and you think ‘So what?’

Did you know most people have this view of LinkedIn? Are you guilty of thinking LinkedIn is the place to go when you need a career move? Did you know LinkedIn is THE business-to-business social media platform? Now you see what you did there? As soon as the term ‘social media’ popped into the equation, […]