Liveness detection and facial recognition


As the world embraces the digital era, cyber-attacks and fraud calls have increased day by day. The biggest reason for numerous cyber threats is currently uncontrolled access over online user accounts, so, the only solution to this problem is to install a method safeguarding against unauthorised access. In places where customer verification is important, stronger […]

FilesDNA: the future of document verification

Business Connect had the pleasure recently of meeting with Mo Sahib, CEO of FilesDNA – a cutting edge document management system powered by blockchain technology: Click here and get FilesDNA for ever FREE. Thank you for chatting with us Mo. Can you explain what FilesDNA is and how it helps businesses? “FilesDNA offers a user-friendly […]

Investigating the North West Cyber Resilience Centre

Business Connect caught up with Neil Jones, Director of the Cyber Resilience Centre and head of cybercrime at Greater Manchester Police. Neil has observed first-hand the damaging impact on businesses that cybercrime has had, and explained to us the important work of the North West Cyber Resilience Centre: Tell us about the North West Cyber […]

WardWiz: safeguarding on the go!

An obvious area of Cyber Security is virus and malware protection, but many smartphone users tend to overlook this area of safeguarding. WardWiz is a security App developed for PCs, tablets and smartphones, offering far more than simple protection against viruses. Business Connect met with Gary Conner, UK distributor of WardWiz, to talk about the […]

Reckon your business is safe from cybercriminals?

Whilst many businesses are increasingly vigilant in amending their work policies to mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks, many still don’t have adequate protective measures against cybercrime in place. In the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019, recently published by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), findings suggest that larger businesses are still more […]